About the Organizer

Olampia Exhibition Pvt. Ltd.(OEPL) has become one of India's leading independent exhibition, and trader shows organizers. We have made our presence credible in the region and become one of the leading organizers since the 29th of September 2018. We are a big organization with hundreds of assets, including specialized knowledge, ground presence, and excellent relations with government agencies. Agencies like Exhibitors, Trade Associations, and NGOs are also included in the ever-increasing list. Additionally, we have dedicated professional staff to manage all the unique problems with the robust team in the company.

We have organized and promoted around 25 shows in Asia across all sectors, and have become one of India's leading and independent trade show organizers. We organize exhibitions in various sectors such as food processing, green industries, packaging, cold chain supply, automobiles, construction, and engineering.

Olampia Exhibition Pvt. Ltd.(OEPL)has operated for many years and continues to give the highest quality service to exhibitors and visitors alike. Apart from this, we keep in consideration every need and interest of stakeholders so that they can have a complete and best experience. Therefore, it would indeed be the best option for you to get in touch with India's top exhibition managing and developing organizer with a fair share of trade.